Wednesday, February 20, 2013

February Flowers

It's been so nice to finish something and have something to show you! I've only been able to steal a few hours every other evening to craft and all the other times, inbetween feeding and playing with the little'un most of my time is taken up with a little bit of housework and a lot of daydreaming! My brain is frazzled with having so much disturbed sleep.

The daydreaming though, is filled with ideas of things I want to make. I don't always have a pen to hand to write these ideas down, so most float out of my brain as fast as they float in. Only a *few* stick, and even fewer make it to the point where I have the time and patience to make it.

When I went down into my hobby room to make these ... well, I went down actually to play with the glitter I got for my birthday, but then reminded myself of these little flowers I had been wanting to try out in the resin.

I will be making more and selling them in my Etsy shop as soon as I find the time to make them! hahah! 'til then - well i think i'll be offering a "make to order" listing.

I do love working with this stuff. I love the stained glass effect you get in certain colours.

Hope you like them too!