Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Stuttgarter Saturday Fleamarket (photo heavy)

You know, it was weeks ago when I went to the flea market – and I was going to blog about it ... and then, well, umm ... life got in the way and I didn’t do it ...*yeah I know I’m terrible!*

Joe was away on this particular Saturday driving to Aachen with a friend to buy a car, which means that he was on the road for about 8 hours so I got a Saturday to myself. (Which is rare)

This usually means a few things for me, get up late, read magazine on the sunny balcony whilst having my morning coffee, leisurely get ready and pop into the city for a mooch around.

Nearly every Saturday – Stuttgart has a fleamarket on karlsplatz which is right in the city centre. I am inspired always by peoples fleamarket thrifty finds that they blog about so I thought again I’I’d go and see what would inspire me.

Well, truth is – it’s a dream. It’s not just full of old stuff that has no use to no-one, it has old stuff that is treasure to new eyes that befall on them. (heh! … I really should be honest here, there is *also* shit and shite that no-one would want … but I just ignored that!)

I took lots of pictures – and truth is, I didn’t take enough. There is such a wide variety.

From furniture wanting a good home …

To chandeliers waiting to be lit …

Chandelier crystals ready for a repair or another crafty project …

Tons of vintage jewellery (to be honest this is one thing you will not get a bargain on, all vintage jewellery has an expensive price tag on this market)

To old photographs dating back to the early 20th century …

Bake ware …

Party dishes …

Beautifully random …


Glasses …

Trinkets …

I was inspired by so much (I wanted old books, chandelier pieces, photographs, that wonderful microscope, antique coins and dainty plates … )

I wanted so much that I walked away with nothing! So overwhelmed. Well, it gives me a reason to go back!


  1. I'm with you there - so much lovely stuff your head starts spinning trying to decide, so you think 'i'll come back later'. I usually find there is one gem that just stays in my head when I go home so the next week I'm right back to snatch it up! :)

  2. I love all these photos! I'm hoping to go to a Flea Market here soon, I'm so inspired now :)

  3. Great inspiring photos - and too much can be overwhelming... I know exactly where you are coming from

  4. now that looks like a market i'd like to visit, love the photos especially x

  5. Great post Nic, must heck out if we have a local Flea Market anywhere near!